Infinity Iyashi Chair Review

If you’re the type of person who demands only the best, you’ve likely considered purchasing an anti-gravity massage chair for your home or business. And why not? They’re among the hottest “it” products of the decade for serious health enthusiasts.But unlike miracle creams, pills, or celebrity product endorsements, these chairs really work. Of course, there

Best Massage Office Chair Review

Massage as a form of therapy has numerous benefits. These ranges from reducing stress to relieving sports related injuries. There are some reports that sustained massage therapy sessions coupled with other medical therapies can aid in reducing clinical depression.For most of us, the desire for a massage comes after a particularly difficult day or week

Brief Guide to Massage Therapy Tables

Electric Tables usually cost around a thousand dollars, and high end ones can cost much more. Many therapists wonder if having an table is really worth the extra cost, especially when they are just starting out and might not have thousands of dollars to spend on it. But for some clients, and some therapists, electric